Thursday, August 20, 2009

On Drinking Wine and Good Beer

A lot about wine and good beer is tradition and vintage and process and knowledge and expensive.

Much, much more about it is flavor and alcohol and, actually, pretty cheap.

All I really have to say about wine and good beer, other than what I like or don't like on an evening-to-evening basis, is that if you drink it from a glass, sip it in quantities big enough to paint your entire palate with its flavor. Don't go just gulping it down and wasting the gentle notes. Don't just imbibe so gently that you don't get to know the thick end of it either.

Wine and good beer are delicious and nuanced things. Try drinking it in varying sizes of sip and see what new flavors pop out. There are layers and layers of different flavors in every bottle.

Buy one bottle cheap. If you like it, go back for more because sometimes there's a limited supply of the great cheap stuff.

Also, if you're going to drink wine or good beer straight from the bottle, chug it. And, don't share.

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