Wednesday, September 10, 2008

José Andrés: My most favorite coming to LA!

In Washington, DC there are five restaurants that have one special thing in common: José Andrés. He is above all a Chef, though he is also a cookbook author, TV host, victorious Iron Chef America contestant, and one of the premier culinary innovators of our time.

His west coast outpost will be on La Cienega in the new SLS hotel. The very moment it opens I will be certain report back, but for the time being, i know only that there will be as many as 5 different dining experiences in the one restaurant: A molecular Gastronomy thing, a tapas/dim sum thing, a fine dining experience and two other joints that are sure to drown you in "mouth-water."

He has 5 restaurants in the DC area:
  • Cafe Atlantico: Nuevo Latino inspired and exciting as can be. Standard portions are available during the week, but the best time to go is between 11:00am and 1:00pm on Saturday or Sunday. That's when you can order Tapas-style: Thirty or fourty little dishes...3 or 4 thrilling bites.
  • Jaleo: Find it in Downtown DC, Bethesda, MD or Arlington, VA. Solid Spanish Tapas. Lots of seasonal ingredients, the preparation of which is always fantastic. Excellent deserts too - great textures and temperatures.
  • Zaytinya: Serves mezze, the small plates of the Mediteranean (Greece, Turkey and Lebanon) in an astonishing environment. Glass vases of all sizes sit full of olive oil (Zaytinya means olive oil in Turkish), lemons and nothing. Tall celings and unique bathrooms...yeah. The food is another study in textures. Excellent preparation and lots of fun to eat. If they have grilled or fried whole fish, be certain to eat it.
  • minibar by josé andrés: This is where the Chef Andrés' signature cuisine in a small space. $120, 30-35 small courses, six diners, three chefs, two seatings a night.
  • Oyamel: I haven't been. Wikipedia says "authentic Mexican tacos and antojitos, margaritas with salt air. Reopened in Penn Quarter in February 2007. Originally located in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington, VA." What did you think?

I'm just so pleased that José is coming to cook in LA! Get your gullet ready, cause it's gonna be a show!